When a freshman asks when dorm curfew is



Btw, reader this made me LOL IRL

Lol, this is actually hysterical

Stick to the schedule.

It really frustrates me when residents don’t show up for their scheduled one-on-one’s. I am making a conscious effort to talk to them and get to know them, not to mention taking time out of my day! It would be nice if they’d at least show up. I’ve had 3 no shows out of 7. I guess I can’t complain all that much, those are pretty good numbers right? 

5th Hour

So the 5th hour after move in, I already smell pot noticeably in the hallway outside of a room. Awesome..thank god we have a floor meeting in a half hour.

About to start my fourth day of my first RA training. So far I’m not exactly sure how I like some of the people on my staff. There is a group of guys that so clearly do not want to do anything that has to deal with their actual job that they got hired for. They openly complain about anything and everything, as well as discussing their plans to get smashed during the school year. Needless to say, I am doing a much better job than I expected when it comes to keeping my mouth shut to these kind of idiots. 

Regardless of my immediate staff, I really enjoy all the RA’s on campus. 

And with that, I have to think of my first bulletin board, and program. 

First set of Door Decs! {

First set of Door Decs!